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      After-sales service

      Perfect after-sale service system

      Hison intelligent equipment to professional design, personalized service, to create value for the service concept, the establishment of a six level service system. Start from the details, excellence in service, to provide customers with professional and efficient after-sales service;

      Seven days twenty-four hours personal service

      Hai Sheng intelligent equipment to provide 7*24 hours free telephone service hotline, at any time personal service for customers to solve problems;

      Remote online maintenance system

      System online remote maintenance, professional technical support, no geographical separation of efficient service.

      Periodic preventive maintenance

      Custom regular patrol and maintenance plan, keep track of the use of equipment, to protect the interests of customers.

      Localization technical support

      Provide localization service for imported equipment and set up offices in major projects to reduce maintenance costs and improve customer benefits.

      Customer self maintenance

      Always adhere to the principle of "customer self maintenance", carry out technical training to customers at different stages, and cultivate the ability of independent maintenance.