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      Solution for upgrading and transforming enterprise warehouse into automated three-dimensional warehouse

      TIME:18-05-23    NUMBER:1

      There are two general situations for upgrading and transforming an enterprise warehouse into an automated warehouse.

      First, upgrade logistics systems and use more automated technologies or equipment when building new factories.

      Two, it is to transform the original logistics system and enhance its logistics operation capability.

      In the first case, the solution is easier: the automatic warehouse is replaced by an automated warehouse, and the dismantling and stacking robot is used instead of manual operation, and the efficiency and management level of the logistics are greatly improved. This is a typical practice in many industries such as tobacco, medicine, food and beverages.

      The second situation is to transform the original logistics system and enhance its logistics operation capability, which can be summarized into three categories.

      1, the volume of cargo handled by customers is increasing, and correspondingly, it is necessary to improve the capability of logistics system. Because the turnout structure is used in the design of the stacker track at the beginning, a stacker can handle the cargo of multiple laneways. By increasing the number of stacker in the original system, the capacity of its logistics is improved.

      2, the number of goods required to be processed by customers has increased, and the logistics system needs to be adjusted. This adjustment is much more difficult. Because the goods of different specifications may not meet the requirements of the original system, such as the size of the packing and the weight of the goods, it is necessary to adjust the equipment to adapt to this change. However, the adjustment of equipment can only be carried out within the scope of its design.

      3, the change of enterprise logistics operation mode needs to adjust the logistics system, and this transformation is more difficult. For example, the logistics system originally designed according to the "integration process" should be changed to "zero sorting" function of the logistics system. This completely changed the original intention of the design at that time. It was very difficult to transform and almost impossible to achieve. As the automation of the logistics system is higher, the more difficult the adjustment is, it can only adapt to the change of the logistics demand by increasing the operation process or the new logistics system.