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      Hisondcs news

      Automated access stereoscopic warehouse

      TIME:18-05-04    NUMBER:1

      An automatic three-dimensional garage with three axle handlers, shoe boxes, lifting devices and shoe frames is applied to clubs and other service industries. In the actual design process, we need to take full account of the following factors:

      1, the unified specification of the box as a carrier, shoes into the shoe box, the material without a fixed shape into a regular shape of the material, you can carry a pair of shoes. Through shoe statistics, a shoe box suitable for most footwear is designed, and the first step in the design of the transporter is achieved.

      2, the clubhouse and other shoes are usually set up in the remote location of the reception hall, which is enclosed in remote corners to make multi-storey shoes cabinet or shoe rack. This requires that the storage rack of automatic storage and retrieval equipment occupies a small area and storage units as many as possible.

      3, the access equipment should respond to the customer's access to shoes at any time and minimize the time for the customers to wait. This requires fast response, accurate running, and small repetition errors. The number of shoe box should be one or the same as the number of the customer's hand, and the shoe box should be one-to-one with the shoe position.

      The composition of the access shoe stereo warehouse system

      The design of the equipment for storing shoes and shoes is made up of the following parts.

      1. Shoe rack: the metal profiles such as aluminum alloy are set up to be divided into multi-storey and multi row shoes, which have the characteristics of light weight, standardization of connecting parts, good applicability and so on.

      2, carrier: the carrier adopts X, Y, Z three dimensional synchronous belt slide table, which is driven by servo motor. The mechanical device which butt with the shoe box is composed of butt fork and mounting plate, fixed on the slide table.

      3, shoe box: the open plastic box, the edge has the edge of the roll, the butt butt fork insert into the shoe box and the end of the shoe box and close to the end of the shoe box, end the shoe box movement.

      4, coding recognition system: each storage shoe location with a shoe box, the shoe box coding and the same code stored shoes, the bottom of the shoe box is installed with IC chip, the access shoe window is installed with IC reader, when the shoe box is taken to access window, the system can read the shoe box code.

      5. Control system: the control system is composed of the lower computer control and the upper computer control system, the lower computer is PLC controller, the PLC stores the servo driver, controls the servo motor and the sliding table to complete the walking movement, the upper computer is the computer system, the store shoe position and the IC code, the location of the origin, the position of the shoe position, the number of shoe storage and so on. It communicates with the slave computer through the MODBUS communication protocol and commands the lower computer to complete the movement.

      6, man-machine interface: the human-computer interface, the host computer display screen, uses touch screen to display storage information, access window shoe box coding, carrier running state, control system state information and so on, and can enter specific operations such as shoes, temporary storage shoes and so on.

      Access to the workflow of a stereoscopic warehouse

      1. The work flow of the shoe storage

      The customer enters the field to receive the hand ring, close the hand ring near the card reader, read the card reader to read the hand ring number and send the signal to the upper computer control system, the upper computer sends instructions to the lower machine control system and controls the servo system to drive the three axle carrier to send the corresponding numbered shoe box to the access window, and the customer puts his own shoes and socks in the shoe box, The shoe box is put into the shoe window, the IC reader reads the shoe box code, sends the signal to the control system, the servo system drives the three axle carrier to carry the shoe box to the corresponding storage shoe position, and returns the information to the control system, and completes the process of the shoe storage.

      2. Take the work flow of shoes

      After the customer's consumption is finished to the front desk, the front desk reader reads the customer number and sends the signal to the three-dimensional warehouse control system. The control system controls the servo system to drive the three axle carrier to send the corresponding numbered shoe box to access the shoe window. The customer takes out the shoe box from the window of the shoe and takes out his own shoes and puts the shoe box in access. The shoe window, the window reader read the shoe box code, sends the signal to the control system, controls the servo system to drive the three axis carrier to deposit the shoe box into the corresponding storage shoe position, and sends back the information to the control system, completes the shoe process.