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      Hisondcs news

      Four direction RGV

      TIME:18-01-29    NUMBER:4

      The four direction is that the shuttle vehicle system can completely configure the equipment according to the work flow by changing the operation laneway randomly, reducing the waste of the equipment capacity, and the cooperation between the shuttle car and the hoist is more flexible and flexible.

      With the diversification and complexity of the business types of the logistics center, the four shuttle bus has gradually entered people's field of vision as a new automatic storage technology. In the last two years, more and more Haisheng intelligent four - direction shuttle bus has been successfully applied.

      On the market most of the shuttle can only do straight reciprocating motion and four to the shuttle is the equivalent of an intelligent robot, by connecting the wireless network and WMS system, and with the hoist can go to any location, so it is the real meaning of the 3D shuttle.

      The safety and stability of the four shuttle bus system is higher. For example, in the traditional multi-layer shuttle vehicle system, all the laneway operations are affected by the failure of the hoist, and the four way shuttle vehicle system can continue to finish the operation through other hoists, so that the system capability is hardly affected.

      In the overall cost of the system, the four to the shuttle system is also very advantageous. Because the number of ordinary multi-storey car or shuttle stacker system cost and roadway is closely related to increase in orders, increase inventory situation, each of these systems increases a roadway, will add to the cost, and the four to the shuttle system only needs to increase the shuttle car number, lower total cost.

      The four - direction shuttle system is suitable for both low flow and high density storage, and is also suitable for high flow and high density storage. It can provide the best solution to meet the needs of the customer.

      The four - direction shuttle system is very suitable for the separation and sorting of medicine, cosmetics and other industries. It is like picking fruit - picking system, a four to the shuttle is equivalent to picking a worker in a working cycle can be completed within an order of multiple orders for the election, but faster, up to 5m/s, is five times the efficiency of artificial selection; at the same time with the precise positioning technology, saving for space time; choose action faster. Therefore, in a comprehensive way, a four way shuttle vehicle can reach the picking capacity of 2~3 workers. If 24 hours are calculated by two workers, it can take the place of 4~6 workers, and undoubtedly has more advantages in terms of economy.

      Four, the shuttle bus system can directly transfer raw materials from the warehouse to the production area because it can turn, which is more economical than the general delivery line + the way of shipment. Second, the four is more flexible to the shuttle, stopping at any position in the route, like the AGV, and doing the related work.