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      Storage method of automated warehouse

      TIME:18-01-29    NUMBER:0

      The first function of the automated warehouse is to access the goods, so the storage and access efficiency are the first factors to be considered in the design automation stereoscopic warehouse. Because of its automation, intelligence and network, the storage efficiency of the warehouse is very high, and the whole warehouse can achieve unmanned operation. The implementation of high access efficiency is based on its advanced access technology, access equipment and access methods.

      The height of the automated warehouse is usually ten meters or twenty meters. Such a height is very difficult to manually complete a whole process of access, which is usually automated.

      First, the automated warehouse needs a perfect conveying system. Generally, there will be a perfect transmission line in the warehouse's import and export. According to the actual situation, the conveying line can also be added to the front and rear parts of the rack. There are many kinds of conveyer lines, including roller conveyor line, belt conveyor line and so on. The function of the conveyer line is to transfer the goods to the import and export of the warehouse.

      Secondly, the automated warehouse needs a perfect sorting line. Under normal circumstances, the store is a variety of goods, goods, specifications and types have different differences, which need to be arranged on the goods sorting line, using warehouse management system and control system by scanning the goods bar code makes the goods arrive at the designated location.

      Third, through the use of access equipment, automatic handling equipment to the goods on the shelves or from the shelf out. This type of equipment including stacking machine, RGV car (rail car, shuttle, a shuttle master car belong to the rail car), AGV (a trolley car), used alone according to the actual situation of these types of handling equipment, also can be used in conjunction with.

      Fourth, the other, some automated warehouse will establish lifting elevator, lifting elevator can be said to be the selection of equipment warehouse, some warehouse will apply to the palletizing robot palletizing of goods, not every warehouse will use lifting elevator, palletizing robots and other equipment.

      If all of the above are hardware devices, the whole storage and retrieval process needs software control. The software of three-dimensional warehouse includes three aspects: WMS warehouse management system, WCS control system and PLC control system. Only the combination of hardware and software can realize automated, intelligent and network storage of automated warehouse.