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      Inspection and maintenance of automated warehouse

      TIME:18-01-05    NUMBER:0

      The application of automatic three-dimensional warehouse is very convenient, time saving and labor-saving, can greatly improve the efficiency of work. In order to ensure the normal operation of the automatic three-dimensional warehouse, regular inspection and maintenance are needed, and the inspection includes the independent maintenance of the enterprise and the maintenance of the contractor after sale.

      The maintenance of the automated warehouse is divided into hardware and software maintenance. The software includes maintenance and warehouse management software in the shuttle bus system maintenance (including PLC system and laser ranging, power light etc.), AGC car system, stacker system etc.. The maintenance of the software system generally requires the maintenance of the contractor, and it is difficult for the enterprise to maintain it independently.

      The maintenance of the hardware system is relatively large in terms of the maintenance of the software system. The hardware system includes maintenance shelves, transmission lines, a shuttle bus line sorting hardware, stacking machine hardware, AGV hardware part.

      The shelf is the main part of the whole automated warehouse. The detection and maintenance is time-consuming, but not complicated, because the automated warehouse is mostly elevated, so it needs professionals to detect and maintain, so as to avoid unnecessary safety accidents. The rack is very stable and needs regular inspection. The testing period is about one to a year and a half, but it is found that the deformation and bending phenomenon of the rack parts should be changed in time. The shelf detection includes the column, beam, rail, safety pins, expansion screws, shelf guide plate, head plate location. The problem needs to be solved in time when it is detected.

      The conveyor line detection include roller, fixed fasteners, a shuttle car, the most important base stacking machine, AGV hardware detection is the appearance and bearing detection. In addition to the need for professional detection in the hardware part, many other components can be detected independently.

      The automatic stereoscopic warehouse needs timing and irregular detection in the process of use, so as to avoid the normal use of the automatic warehouse.