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      Our mission: the wisdom of the sea and the Chinese pride!

      The high-end smart equipment manufacturing industry with technology, knowledge intensive, high added value, growth is good, the key is strong, driven and so on, in the high-end part of the value chain of manufacturing industry, is an important indicator of a country's core competitiveness, but also a national industrial rise is an important symbol of the. Jiangsu Hai Sheng new products intelligent equipment technology limited company independent innovation research and development of high-end smart equipment, timely to the market, by technology and application of domestic logistics, the Jiangsu provincial government, Nanjing municipal government praised by users at the same time, elected!

      We believe that in the near future, "Hai Sheng Zhi" is a Chinese pride".

      Our vision: Hai Sheng intelligent storage - the world's leading brands.

      Our aim: innovation, sincerity, pragmatism!

      Jiangsu HaiSheng Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. vigorously promote the "sincere and pragmatic" principle of service, go all out to provide customers with the perfect intelligent warehousing logistics solutions and first-class after-sales service. For sixteen years, the sea has never changed, we only focus on one thing, to create value for customers.