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      The Shuttle Shelves

      Shuttle car shelf system driven by shuttle carshelf, battery of shuttle car, forklift, depend on the shuttle in high-densitypallet storage shelves in orbit on its own stack system. A higher spaceutilization ratio through type shelf.

      Shuttle car goods shelves for more quantity lesssamples, such as food, beverage, chemical, tobacco varieties of single batch isbig, items relative to a single industry, popular in cold storage. Is thestorage space is limited, correct selection of smaller companies in thewarehouse.

      The shuttle racking system features:

      1. The shuttle car shelves, battery-poweredshuttle car, forklift three parts.

      2. The shelf structure more reasonable, stable,seismic safety resistance and much higher than the into type shelf;

      3. Compared with into type shelf, the depth ofthe shuttle car shelves can be designed more and dense;

      4. Forklift truck type selection;

      5. Implementation without entering into typeshelf, into the delivery of high efficiency, save space and human cost greatly.

      Shuttle car shelf technology parameters

      Load rating: 1000 kg to 1500 kg

      No-load speed: Max0.9 m/s

      Full speed: Max0.8 m/s

      Control mode: the wireless remote control

      Control: 50 m

      Ambient temperature: 25 ℃ to 60 ℃

      Shuttle car shelf product advantage:

      1. Choose batch of goods in and out of order

      2. Optional automatic function, easy operation

      3. A single remote control more than one shuttlecar

      4. Real-time two-way remote control, can monitorvarious shuttle car state - such as motor temperature, battery, alarm contentand so on

      5. Tray spacing can be set statistical tray, traydepth variable, and can automatically and tally

      6. The structure design more accurate, to ensurethat top access is fluent, pallet highest intensity to achieve storage,significantly reduce the warehouse cost

      7. A range of load, safe and reliable

      8. Reliable safety protection design: earthquake,collision and injury prevention

      9. Intelligent early warning module design,automatic common breakdown self and dangerous to make environmental earlywarning, make excellent storage system stability