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      Automatic Pallet

      Ising labor costs in recent years, China'scoastal areas, the processing and manufacturing enterprise operating costscontinue to increase, recruitment difficult problems appeared in coastal areas.In order to alleviate the pressure of the human cost, more and more enterprisesto choose investment introduction of robot, gradually replace the traditionallabor.

      Moreover, with the continuous development oflogistics, food, and petrochemical industries, palletizing robot plays a moreand more important role, it not only can accurately and efficiently to completeassignments pallet, but also can reduce the labor intensity of workers, improvethe quality of the product.

      1. The design should consider the requirements ofthe health

      Robot palletizing machine solution can createreal benefits, food, pharmaceutical industry if you use the robot palletizingmachine, makes the production rate is increased significantly, these are allneed to health and safety, the design of the robot, this robot was welcomed bymore and more people. The equipment health level determines the safety andsanitation of food, so also can save all kinds of production costs, reduceartificial maintenance costs.

      2. The efficiency and precision are needed

      Robot palletizingmachine improves the workingefficiency to a great extent, these robots do not need to have a rest, alsodon't know any exhaustion, greatly increased the working precision, robot dataset good, don't like others to give false, guarantee the quality of the workgreatly. Integrated vision system of high-speed robot palletizing machine moreand more appear in people's life, can improve the yield, stable quality,greatly improve health conditions, etc.

      3. The applicability.

      When the customer product size, volume, shape andthe appearance of pallet size changes, as long as the touch screen to changeslightly, will not affect the normal production of customers. And mechanicalstacker crane before the change is pretty troubling, even unable to realize thebasic function.