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      Intelligent Stacking Machine Shuttle

      When the machine core function:


      Rail tunnel stacker is lifting and stackingequipment in the automatic three-dimensional library


      Rail tunnel stacker mainly includes thebody, cargo table, horizontal walking mechanism, lifting mechanism and forkmechanism, and electrical control system


      Through three axis synergy, movement toachieve the storage of goods


      Single deep position and double deepposition stacker


      Shuttle car core function:


      - for the core automation equipment traydense storage system, the unit tray material according to the productionprocess from the purchase to the end to end shipments, tray spacing preset,spaced material tray.


      - with the stacker, mother car withautomatic warehouse operation, with high position to achieve semi-automaticwarehouse forklift,


      It can achieve FIFO (FIFO) and advancedafter (FILO).


      Shuttle advantage:


      With high technical integration, highspeed, high positioning accuracy


      Can maximize the storage space utilization,reduce the integrated cost input