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      Automated stereo library

      Automated libraryis the use of automatedstorage devices and computer management system to achieve the coordination ofhigh-level high-level warehouse, access automation, and simple operation.Automated warehouse mainly by the shelves, stacker, into (out) library workplatform, scheduling control system and management system.


      Using automated warehousing solutions, youcan:


      ? shelf height upto 30 meters or even higher, reducing land occupied area


      ? automaticunmanned operation, reduce labor costs


      ? with ERP systemcan achieve data seamless and real-time intelligent production scheduling


      ? eliminateconfusion within the warehouse, reduce management difficulty


      ? significantlyimprove the efficiency of cargo access and delivery


      HISONDCS master stacker design andmanufacture of the most advanced technology, combined with years of accumulatedexperience in project implementation and customer demand for industry insight,providing automated warehousing solutions industry cost optimal:


      ? outstandingdomestic structural design representative manufacturers, stacker stableperformance to ensure long-term reliable operation


      ? excellentprocessing equipment and process assurance, product with export quality


      ? in-depthunderstanding of customer business needs, focus on system optimization


      ? deep technicalaccumulation and system integration capabilities, ensuring system scalabilityand seamless connection with customer business systems.